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Patricia D. Eddy

Welcome to the official website of paranormal, contemporary, and erotic romance author, Patricia D. Eddy. If this is your first visit, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or good bourbon and let’s talk.

I write sexy, alpha males and the smart and strong women who love them. You won’t find any damsels in distress in my books. No, ma’am. My heroines rescue the heroes every bit as much as the heroes rescue them. Perhaps even more. I believe that it takes a strong woman to love an alpha man.

I love single malt Scotch, robust red wine, bacon, and cheese. I’ve been known to curse like a sailor and I’m more comfortable in flats than heels. I live in Seattle with my three spoiled cats.

Lose Yourself in A Shift in the Air

air_promoOn the streets of Dublin, werewolf Liam O’Sullivan fell in love with Caitlin Brannigan…only to receive her suicide note days later.

Lost in sorrow on the eleventh anniversary of Caitlin’s death, he meets a mysterious woman whom he can’t resist. In her arms, he discovers the secret that sent his love running from him long ago—and the truth behind her death.

With his pack still recovering from a fire elemental’s brutal attempt to destroy them, Liam’s walking a tightrope, trying to keep the werewolves from fracturing at the seams, and his romantic alliance with Bella Pond makes him an enemy.

Soon, a threat bigger than anything they could have imagined comes crashing down, turning elemental against elemental. As Liam and Bella race to find a way to stop the darkness of her past from unraveling into chaos, werewolves start disappearing, one by one, and reappearing in pieces days later—and only Bella knows why.

Will Liam and Bella find the ancient magic that may be their only hope? Or will the tenuous threads of their bond—and the loyalty of those they love—leave them scrambling before the machinations of a madman?

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