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I released my first book, By the Fates, Freed, two weeks ago. In 14 days, I’ve sold 52 copies.

Honestly, I consider that pretty good for a first time author paying only a few dollars here and there (mostly through Facebook ads) for publicity. I’ve learned that the number of copies that I’ve sold on Smashwords, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble might not be worth turning down the KDP select program. (KDP Select allows me to drop the price of my novel on a schedule, allow Prime lending, and a few other things.) But still. I’ve learned that Smashwords emails you within minutes of someone purchasing your book while Kobo emails you about 36 hours later.

I’ve learned that in publishing terms, 24-72 hours can actually mean 6-156 hours.

I’ve learned that seeing “Units Returned” on your Kindle report can be disconcerting. FYI: Two people have purchased and then returned my book. Also FYI: You have 7 days after purchasing an ebook to return it. I think that’s kind of sucky. I don’t know that there’s a requirement that you can’t have read more than X percentage of it or not. I should look that up. Last FYI: The first chapter of the book is disturbing, so I can’t blame folks if that’s why they returned it.

I’ve learned that a 5 star review is about as good as decent sex, particularly when it comes from someone you don’t know.

I’ve learned that I still want to write. I still have stories to tell. So now, back to it.

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