Yesterday I sent the book off to the developmental editor. So for the next month, I can do nothing. Well, I suppose that’s not totally true. I can work on the IndieGoGo campaign¬†to try to get funding to pay for the editing and I can start...

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A sneak peak…err, peek

Edited to add (3/19/13) Oh my holy hell and whatever other swear words you want to insert here. A sneak PEAK? Really, Patricia? PEAK??? See…THIS IS WHY I NEED AN EDITOR! Won’t you help me get there? My IndieGoGo campaign to raise...

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Editing, Feedback, and Emotions

There is such a range of emotions associated with receiving feedback. I am pretty sure I’ve gone through all of them in the past four hours. I paid for a deep beta read of my novel from a professional editor this week. I got the report back...

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