On Editing

Wow. 5 weeks and about 4 days. That’s a long time to remain in a heightened state of stress. I didn’t even realize it, but the amount of stress that I feel like I’ve processed today is… amazing. I got the edited version of...

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What type of writer am I?

I am attending a writing workshop this summer and it has a critique group component. I was asked tonight what type of group I wanted to join. When I registered for the workshop, I noted that I was a fantasy author, but in my introduction email to...

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Book 2… and 3… and others

I may have a problem. I cannot seem to not write. I figured the 3-5 weeks that it would take to dev edit By the Fates, Freed would be a downtime of sorts for me. I’d play Xbox (Halo 4, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock Infinite), I’d read...

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