So, this is me. Well, actually, I’ve since dyed some of my hair a lovely shade of teal, but for the most part, that photo there? That’s me. At least how I look sitting in a library with a professional photographer guiding my poses.

At home, I’m more likely to be in yoga pants and a tank top, computer on my lap, cats nearby (or perhaps a cat in my lap and a computer nearby).

I’m a lot of things. A geek, a techie, a singer, a cook, a reader, a wannabe guitar-player…but at my core, I’m a writer. I’ve always had stories in my head. Happy, sad, dark, thrilling, scary, exciting stories. I suppose it’s no wonder that my favorite quote comes from Doctor Who.

We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

I write dark, sexy, alpha males and the fierce, intelligent, and independent women who love them. I live in many worlds. Witches, vampires, and shifters in habit one of them, military men and women fill another, with sexy Doms and strong subs carving out the final slice of my literary universe. I admit to twelve books (though there are at least five unfinished drafts on my desk right now).

When I’m not writing, I work for a large technology company, run to and from the farmers’ market, and cater to the every whim of my cats. If you want to see pictures, head over to my Instagram feed. I still (somehow) find time to binge watch Doctor Who on a regular basis. Right now, I’m making my way through Iron Fist in preparation for The Defenders. Though the most powerful show I’ve seen recently was The Handmaid’s Tale.

One day, maybe I’ll be able to say I play the guitar. For the time being, I mostly torture the strings until the cats start protesting.

If you’re a reader (or even a potential reader trying to decide if my books are for you), get in touch! You can email me anytime¬†and if you sign up for my mailing list (there’s a link at the top of the screen too), you can pick one of my novels to receive for FREE!

I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, happy reading!