I’ve been writing all of my life. I remember sitting at my parents’ counter using a typewriter (!) to bang out little short scenes that I then crumpled up and threw away because I wasn’t brave enough to show them to anyone.

When computers came around (yes, I was writing before computers), writing got a little easier. Plus, no correction tape. Still, though, I didn’t share my stories with anyone.

And then I  met my husband. One of the lovely things about a long distance relationship is that you spend a lot of time writing: texts, instant messages, and even emails. We progressed to writing little short stories several days a week. We’d get online, choose a prompt, and each write for twenty minutes. When we finished, we’d share what we’d written.

Through our words, we fell in love. And I discovered that this longtime hobby of mine that I thought I only did when I needed to relax or work through an issue, was actually a passion. I couldn’t live without writing. So I decided to get serious.

I write sexy, alpha males and the smart and strong women who love them. You won’t find any damsels in distress in my books. No, ma’am. My heroines rescue the heroes every bit as much as the heroes rescue them. Perhaps even more.

I love single malt Scotch, robust red wine, and bacon. I’ve been known to curse like a sailor and I’m more comfortable in flats than heels. I live in Seattle with my husband and three spoiled cats.

I also love hearing from readers. Use the contact form below or any of the social media icons at the top or bottom of the screen to get in touch. Or just email me! Check out my Series Reading Order or the Books page for more information on my books.