Book Review: Cherry Stem

I love vampire books for all of the cliche reasons. Who wouldn’t want (at least in theory) to be immortal, have immense strength, enhanced senses, and be able to fly?

Cherry Stem is a 20-something former adult film actress and model who’s turned just before the movie for which she changed her name. She lives simply and has been on her own for a number of years. She goes out to feed every night, sometimes disguising herself, and brings unsuspecting humans somewhere quiet where she can enthrall them so they don’t remember giving her some of their blood. But all that changes when she meets Alex, a human cop who mistakes her for a prostitute and brings her home to try to reform her. When he realizes his mistake, the two do, indeed, have sex.

Cherry falls asleep at his place, and since she can’t go home in the morning, events transpire to let Alex know that vampires are real.

This is a love story with a bit of intrigue woven in to keep things interesting. Girls are disappearing, girls like Cherry, and Alex is looking into the matter. There’s a vampire council, laws, and an ex-vampire lover of Cherry’s who all want to get in the way. Cherry herself, though, is the most in the way. She knows that she can’t be with a human. Not only is it against the law, but he’ll die long before she will and then what will she do?

I loved Cherry’s narration. She’s irreverent, a bit funny, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Alex is, of course, handsome and strong and he’s truly one of the good guys. There’s a lot of sex, some described in pretty clear detail, and all very well done. There are the little details like learning about Alex’s job and one of his coworkers, him talking to his mother, and Cherry’s neighbor Dotty that give you a good sense of their lives and not just them as a couple.

The book is very well written and edited and the story kept moving the whole time. I wish that the ending had been a bit more drawn out though. At times it felt like the mystery was only there to further the events of the romance, and while that might seem to some to be a significant criticism, I loved the romance aspect of the book so much that I didn’t mind. The ending is heartpounding in parts, predictable in others, and you will shout at Cherry at least once if not twice for her decisions. That said, it ends well and there is no cliffhanger. While there might have been a thing or two I would have changed, overall, this was a very enjoyable romp. It’s a quick read and after finishing it, I’ll definitely be checking out more of Sotia Lazu’s books.

4 of 5 stars

**This review originally appeared on Author Alliance.**

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