Book Review: Draw of the Bane

I’m a sucker for werewolf romance novels. Sorry, but there’s just something damn sexy about a man who can turn into a powerful animal. But most werewolf books focus on the men. Are strong, powerful women just not sexy? I think they are. Draw of the Bane focuses on a female werewolf and her story.

Mia, the daughter of alpha wolves, has long hidden her wolf heritage. She has thus far refused to let herself turn into a wolf for fear that when she does, the wolf who marked her as his when she was just a girl will claim her. She wants to live life on her own terms, make her own decisions, and be her own person. She doesn’t exist to be “claimed”.

She meets Landon when he stumbles upon her while hunting the wolves who killed his mother and his father. Landon is injured and Mia cares for him until he heals. When he does, and tells her why he’s in her neck of the woods, they decide that they can work together. You see, Mia is tired of hiding from the wolves who hunt her, wanting her to finally let herself change and be claimed by her arranged mate.

Together, they work so they can both be free.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly, but there were a few minor issues that kept me from giving it five stars. There are some editing issues here and there, including several improper uses of your and you’re. I also felt like the dialog between Mia and Landon was at times too casual or light. It was at the same time, a bit too formal. Amy Bol has a gift for storytelling, but she seems to dislike contractions. As this book is set in the modern world, present day, contractions are a way of life. There was also one scene towards the end of the book where it felt as if Ms. Bol was planning on dropping a breadcrumb for a future book, but its so subtle that I had to read it over three or four times to figure out whether it was a breadcrumb or an

But overall, this was a very satisfying story. It’s the first in a series and I will be reading the rest of the series. I do enjoy these characters and the description of the woods is rich. The action is well done, well thought out, and well acted.

One of the best things about this book is that both Mia and Landon bring strengths to the relationship. Mia is actually the alpha here, but Landon is no slouch. He’s strong willed and pulls his weight, but it’s clear that it’s Mia who is in charge. It’s rare in paranormal romances that the woman takes the lead in the relationship.

Overall, a very good book. I hope you’ll give it a chance and enjoy it. It’s a relatively quick read at 196 pages and if you like werewolf novels, I think this one will keep your interest.

Draw of the Bane – 4 of 5 stars

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