Breaking His Code

Breaking His Code
Today, after a long hiatus, I’m thrilled to announce the release of Breaking His Code, the start of a new series of geeky, sexy romances called Away From Keyboard. By the way, special thanks to a friend’s son for that series name.

I’m a geek at heart. I game three or four nights a week, used to go by the handle geekwriter (by day I write technical documentation), and I own a Lego Doctor Who set. [see photo] By the way, I quite literally bounced up and down on my bed like a ten-year-old kid when I heard about the Thirteenth Doctor.

But, I digress.

Breaking His Code. I struggled finishing this book. Hell, I struggled writing it. I’ve rewritten this book (or these characters) five separate times. In one version, Cam was the SEAL and West was the programmer. Don’t worry folks, a female SEAL is headed your way within the next year or so.

If you’ve followed my blog over the last few years, you’ve seen me go through some shit. Mysterious illnesses, exhaustion, an ADHD diagnosis, then changing up how I approached my writing. Then…nothing. I sort of vanished for a while.

Over the course of two years, I made so many changes to my life that I almost didn’t recognize myself. Somewhere along the way, the wheels fell off. I’d sit down to write and the words wouldn’t come. I’d spend an hour on a single sentence. Then I’d decide that I hated that sentence. As well as the whole paragraph before. Then I’d redo the scene entirely. Then I’d hate that too.

After the first of the year, that wheel-less bus did a Thelma-and-Louise off the side of a mountain and I almost didn’t survive the crash. But like Cam, I picked myself up. I started writing again. I went back to my very first series, By the Fates, and started working on the conclusion to that series. My goal is to have that out on Halloween.

I reconnected with friends. I started focusing on advertising and social media (I’m all over Instagram these days). I started reading again. By the way, send any book recommendations my way. I’m blowing through my TBR list.

I redid my website (no, it’s not quite done yet, but at least all of my books are on there). I started running again. Cooking. Practicing the guitar.

In short (or long), I sent my wheel-less, dented, and nearly totaled bus to the body shop where it got a complete overhaul, new wheels, and a fresh coat of paint.

I hope you enjoy Breaking His Code. It’s full sexy times and some geekery and a passionate Latina heroine who was so much fun to write. If you love the book, please do me a huge favor and leave a review on your purchase site of choice.

Thank you all for being patient with me while I worked through some pretty major issues. You make this job totally worth it. Always.

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