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destined_promo_webIt’s almost the end of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I’m about 3/4 through a tale of werewolves and elemental magic. It doesn’t have a title yet, but I’m loving these characters. My newsletter, which will finally go out next week) will have some more details and maybe a little unedited teaser scene. But while that book currently has most of my focus, there’s something big (and small) coming soon!

Destined, a By the Fates Novella will be out sometime in the next ten days. The actual release date is still to be determined as I need to get the final files back from the formatter, but I expect that to happen very soon. Today though, I wanted to share the amazing cover that Ravven did for me and a little about the novella.

Destined is a standalone novella set in the By the Fates universe. It takes place immediately after By the Fates, Freed and about 5 months before By the Fates, Fought. It’s the story of Ami and the healing that she goes through after the ending of By the Fates, Freed. This novella is particularly exciting for me because I get to explore a same sex witch-human romance between Ami and Seònaid.

I love these characters. Ami has been tortured at the hands of the devil Lobhdain and must recover both her health and her confidence. Seònaid harbors a secret that she fears will destroy any chance at her own happiness. Together, the two women find the strength to fulfill their destiny. Here’s the official blurb that will accompany the book. Look for it on sometime in the next few days!


Ami escaped the devils’ torture, but her body and mind are far from healed. She fears what she was forced to reveal when the mind-mage invaded her thoughts.

A dark protector, exotic and powerful, arrives from the west. Seònaid knows from the first time she meets Ami that the two are destined for each other. But Seònaid harbors a secret that threatens to destroy the budding relationship between the two women.

When the secret is revealed, Ami is shattered. Will she overcome Seònaid’s betrayal? Can she ever trust her again?

Destined is a novella of approximately 45,000 words. It takes place immediately after the events in By the Fates, Freed. It contains mature themes including short descriptions of torture and abuse as well as a tender love story between a human woman and a witch.

Stay tuned for a release day announcement!


  • Gina Scott Roberts Posted November 29, 2013 6:21 pm

    I read By The Fates, Freed in one day, was just too engrossed to stop. When I read the ending, I was left hoping you would explore this relationship…I have a weakness for those destined-love-seen-by-everyone-but-those-in-love tales. Can’t wait to read the full tale!

    • Patricia D. Eddy Posted November 29, 2013 8:37 pm

      Excellent. I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Destined is all about the relationship between the two women. It was one of my very favorite stories to write and I can see these characters having so much more to share.

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