A love story set in the By the Fates world…

Ami escaped the devils’ torture, but her body and mind are far from healed. She fears what she was forced to reveal when the mind-mage invaded her thoughts.

A dark protector, exotic and powerful, arrives from the west. Seònaid knows from the first time she meets Ami that the two are destined for each other. But Seònaid harbors a secret that threatens to destroy the budding relationship between the two women.

When the secret is revealed, Ami is shattered. Will she overcome Seònaid’s betrayal? Can she ever trust her again?

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Reviews for Destined

“I was excited to read the next installment in the By the Fates series, and Eddy did not disappoint. Word of warning: Don’t buy this book if you like to sleep.”

“Eddy pulls you into the world of The Fates and her words seem to effortlessly paint a vivid picture of this world. Although Seonaid is a new character (introduced at the end of Freed) she falls right in line with everyone else and is seamlessly intertwined in the story.”