E is for Elizabeth

Elizabeth BennettToday on the A to Z Tour of In His Silks, we meet Elizabeth Bennett. She was kind enough to join me for coffee (at Dunkin’ Donuts by the Lechmere Station) and let me ask her a few questions.

Elizabeth, thank you for joining me today.

“You’re welcome, Patricia. Though I admit, I’m curious why you’d want to interview me.” Elizabeth fidgets with the hem of her sweatshirt and looks vaguely uncomfortable.

You’ve been seen in the company of Alexander Fairhaven. I’m afraid that’s news. 

She sighs. “Yes, I suppose it is.”

Does this displease you?

“You sound like him. I don’t much care for this fascination with my non-existent sex life. But I suppose I can’t complain much. I did let him bring me home and make me tea. He’s news. He probably always will be.”

How did you meet?

“I’m afraid it’s a rather embarrassing story. He rescued me after I was…fired. I fell in the rain, lost everything I was carrying. I scraped up my knees and would have lost my wallet down the sewer if he hadn’t been there.”

Fired? Can you elaborate?

“I’d rather not.” She fidgets a little more, looks up to find me watching her, and sighs. “Fine.  I’m an accountant and my former employer accused me of making a rather large mistake for one of my clients. More than one actually.”

Do accountants make large mistakes often?

Good ones don’t. And I’m very good.” She tossed her hair back and set her shoulders. “I don’t want to go into this now. It just happened a few days ago. I need to decide what to do about it.”

Of course. Let’s talk about more interesting things. Like Alexander. You like him?

A shy laugh bubbled up inside of her. “Well, he’s nice to look at. But I don’t know why he’s bothering with me. He seems to want some sort of relationship with me, but I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere. ”

Nice to look at? I think your exact words in the book were “sex on a stick.”

“Have you seen him?”

No. Do you have a photo?

Elizabeth raised a brow and gestured towards my computer. I nodded and let her do a search for Alexander Fairhaven. “There. That was taken on a trip he took to the Greek Isles a year ago. See? Sex on a stick.”

Alexander Fairhaven

Oh my. Yes. I think I need a minute now. Maybe more than one. Or…perhaps I should…um…wow. Never mind. I’m okay now. Let’s get back to the questions. And I’m going to close the laptop lid. I can’t look at that photo much longer and remain here talking to you. 

Elizabeth laughs. “He has that effect on women.”

On you as well?

No. Yes. No. I mean, he’s hot. But he’s not the man for me. He’s a Dom. I’m not a sub. There isn’t going to be any relationship. We had a very bad coffee date a day or two ago. We’ve been texting and he’s funny. Caring. But…” She shook her head. “It could never work between us.”

I withdrew my phone. Elizabeth, I got this text this morning. I think you should look at it. 

I handed her the phone. “Patricia, please tell Elizabeth that she is very much a submissive and I will have her in my silks very soon. But more than that…I want her in my life. She’s brilliant, beautiful, and engaging. I want a relationship with her. And I always get what I want.

Is he always like this?

“This arrogant and presumptive?” She laughs. “Yes.”

It seems a little over the top.

“It is. But that’s Alexander. I suppose I should give him a chance. I enjoy talking to him, even though there’s no way he’s getting me in his silks. Whatever that means.”

Let’s go back to your former employers. What are you going to do about losing your job?

“Ugh. Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. It wouldn’t be a good idea for me to tell you what I really think happened. If I do, I could damage any potential legal case I might have against them. But there are some options. You’ll have to read the book if you want to know what happens.”

Well, on June 10th, that’s exactly what I’ll do. Thank you for talking with me for a few minutes today. I hope you give Alexander another chance. He looks like he’s worth it. 


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