F is for Flogger

Flogger. A device, usually made of leather, that is used by a Dominant on a submissive. Flogging is not as simple as swinging the implement against skin. There is a definite art to doing it correctly. Every part of the body produces different sensations.

Do you want to know what Alexander does with his flogger?

24534272_sAlexander touched nearly every inch of exposed skin with his flogger. There was no pressure, no stinging pain, only a gentle tickle from the suede.

He palmed one of her ass cheeks and rubbed it, gently at first, then more vigorously. Her other cheek got the same treatment. “Relax, Elizabeth.” His smooth voice was comforting. “Count for me.”

Her belly clenched and she tightened her grip on the handles. The first snap of the flogger made her entire body jerk within the restraints. “One,” she cried. A stinging burn spread over her left butt cheek. The second strike hit her right cheek. “T-two.”

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