Writing a book can be hard. Plotting, writing, editing, polishing. formatting, and finally publishing are hard. They take time, dedication, and focus. But it’s only the last step that actually requires significant bravery. When you hit PUBLISH, you’re releasing your book into the wild. You’re setting it free. It’s no longer YOURS any more. It belongs to the readers and what they do with it…wow. That can be terrifying.

I’ve been relatively lucky so far. Most of my readers have really enjoyed both of my books. I’ve been careful with my marketing, choosing sites where I’ve purchased books in the same vein as mine, where readers who like kick ass heroines and sexy Italian vampires hang out. But today, I took a big leap of faith.

I made my second book, Secrets in Blood, available for FREE on Amazon for 5 days. In the past 11 hours, I’ve “sold” 80 copies. That’s more copies than I’ve sold in the entire time the book has been released (six weeks). Granted, I’m not making a dime on this. But hopefully, I’m gaining a reader base. Hopefully these readers will like the book, review it well, and maybe buy my other books. Perhaps they’ll tell their friends about my books. Perhaps they’ll follow me on Twitter or Facebook and become part of my fan base. Or perhaps they’ll HATE the book, pan it, and sink my confidence and my writing career in one fell swoop.

Okay, so regardless I’m going to keep writing. Haters are gonna hate and no book is always positively reviewed even if it wins the Nobel Prize for Literature. But really, the next couple of months while I wait for reviews to come in after this promotion are going to be terribly nerve-wracking.

I now have a new answer to what’s the hardest part of writing. Dealing with the fear.


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