Fighting with my characters

Fighting with my characters

I have some lofty writing goals this month. I have to finish A Shift in the Air by the end of the month. But though I love the story, the writing has often felt like pulling teeth over the past week or so. Some of it is the jet-lag. Coming back from Ireland and then dealing with Daylight Savings Time…don’t get me started. But I realized late last night, after another hour where Liam and Caitlin were not cooperating with me, that the real problem is with how I’ve been approaching the story and the characters.

Every time I’ve gotten myself into a rut with this book, it’s been because I’ve tried to make one or the other of them do something they didn’t want to do.

No. They aren’t real. No, they can’t actually reach through the screen and punch me. But they are separate and distinct “voices” in my head and they want certain things. They punch me in the creativity plexus.

I’m not the best outliner. I do it, because when I don’t, I get myself hopelessly lost, but I always change things along the way. But when I go back to the outline for the next scene, sometimes I get myself in trouble because the character in the outline isn’t the same as the character that’s now made his or her way to the page.

My characters fight with each other all the time. I need to figure out how to keep them from fighting with me. Or perhaps more accurately, I need to stop fighting with them.


  • Ashlynn Pearce Posted March 9, 2015 11:33 am

    Oh sister, I feel your pain. Mine do this to me All. The. Time. It’s a never ending battle. I finally just quit fighting them and let them do what they want. They end up getting their way anyway. Because anytime I try to force them to do something else, it will not flow. Characters are a pain in the ass and if your MMC is alpha at all, then you’re really in trouble!

  • William D. Prystauk Posted March 10, 2015 2:47 pm

    I understand the pain, Patricia, but simply trust your characters, follow them, and try to keep up. This has usually led to wonderful things for me. And the new paths really don’t come from your characters – they come from your unconscious. So you actually need to trust yourself and WRITE ON!

  • Philip A Moore Posted March 10, 2015 3:00 pm

    I love to write . I will honestly say I like it when my characters fight with me. it mean I care about them. we don’t fight with people we hate we usually ignore them or walk away or and this legal when writing and not real life kill them. If it doesn’t hurt to think of your character dying. They must be boring. it is also possible to do an out line that lets a character be who they are . just be very lose about it . start with how you would like the story to end and write what happened before that if you romance write a few possible dates some times jut sit down and write a group events that might work for your book . you don’t have to write them i any particular order as long as you have a pattern to fill in . it is amazing just how a little brain storming helps is you know you character,

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