Going Deeper: When your body betrays you

Office life. Young woman sleeping at workplace.It’s been a while since I wrote a deeply personal post, and I’ve had a bad weekend, which always spurs some introspection. So here you go.

There’s something wrong with me. But that’s not the heart of the problem. No. The main issue is that no one is entirely sure what’s wrong with me. I won’t go into too many details here, because those are a little beyond “deep” and personal, but I’m experiencing some systemic inflammation that isn’t easy to tie to a specific cause.

Based on my symptoms, my doctor suspects adrenal problems or thyroid issues. Whatever the problem is (or problems are), I’ve had it for a while. No, I don’t mean months. I mean years. Possibly as long as twenty years. I started feeling like this in college, I believe.

Six weeks ago, I started treatment. And the side effects…well, this is one of those circumstances where the treatment is worse than the disease. I used to run half marathons. Now, I walk a quarter of a mile, and I have to stop and sit down. I used to work well past midnight. Now, I’m useless after nine. I used to work every morning from six to seven. Now, if I spend more than two hours doing something out of the ordinary (going to the Farmers Market, car shopping, parties and dinners out), I need to rest for a few hours before I’m even functional again.

Now, assuming we’ve identified the right problem, and the treatment is working, I will eventually feel better. But this will likely be a long road. And of course, we’re not entirely sure that we’ve nailed the problem. More tests this week will help us figure out if we’ve picked the right road.

I’ve had to take a step back from my writing. I can’t write late into the night anymore. I have to rest more. I can’t always think clearly. I miss running, and weight lifting, and going gung ho on my marketing, writing, and editing.

But I hope you’ll be patient with me. My next book might take a little while longer. I might occasionally slack on blogging, or my social media. But bear with me. I’ll get better, I’ll come back better, stronger, faster than before. And hopefully without six million dollars worth of bionics. Though wouldn’t that be cool? Can you imagine how many words I could get down in an hour with bionic fingers?

And with that fantasy in my mind, I’m going to rest.


  • Sue Padgett Posted August 24, 2015 10:16 am

    I hope your medical providers are on the right track and that treatment is successful! It’s no fun feeling less than you are and I want you to feel better soon! Take it easy. Write when you can, rest when you can and above all be good to yourself! I will patiently (sort of :P) wait for you and in the meantime will catch myself up on the new-to-me books you’ve written.

  • Rebecca Lee Posted August 25, 2015 5:18 am

    That is huge of you to share that Patricia. Keep all of us updated on your progress please. I’ll be happy to throw down a review for any of your books or introduce them to my facebook fans. Whatever you need.



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