H is for Heartache

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Today on the A to Z tour of In His Silks, we’re going to talk about hurt and heartache.

Elizabeth Bennett knows what hurt is. Five years ago, frustrated with her parents’ greedy and unethical business practices, she gave an anonymous interview to the Seattle Times exposing them. Here are Elizabeth’s words.

Do you know how much it costs to manufacture Zofran? Pennies. Yet Bennett Pharmaceuticals charges more than $40 per pill. Insurance won’t cover it. Cancer patients need this drug to treat nausea and allow them a decent quality of life while they’re going through chemo. It’s unconscionable. 

After that interview, Mark and Avery Bennett, mostly Avery, cut their daughter out of their lives. But Elizabeth didn’t only lose her parents. She also lost her fiancé.

Darren was abusive. He never hit her. Never even raised his voice to her. But he abused her all the same. He did it slowly. Carefully. Methodically even. Day by day, week by week, decision by decision, he cut away at her self-esteem and her independence so that by the end, she didn’t know who she was without him.

And then he left her. Without her parents’ fortune and her position as the head accountant at Bennett Pharmaceuticals, Darren lost all interest in his pet. He only wanted one with a pedigree.

He took everything from me. He cut me off from my friends. Made me think that I was nothing without him. It took me a long time to come back from that. So long, in fact, that he still haunts me. I want to be loved again. But more than that, I want what I’ve never had. I want to love. I never loved Darren. I know that now. I want to find love. Happiness. Can I do that? Without losing myself in the process?

On June 10th, you’ll find out if Elizabeth can do just that. In His Silks.



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