How’s 2017 treating you?

‘Fess up. How many of you wondered if I’d ever blog or post or write or what-have-you again?

I raised my own hand, by the way. Life has been a little intense for the past few months—hell, the past year or more. I’ve been working on my writing, working on my personal relationships, working on my health, and working.

I can’t stay long tonight. In fact, I debated even blogging at all. Right now, slaying some Mordrem in Guild Wars 2 is a lot more my speed. However, I’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Rest assured, there will still be A Shift in the Earth and a By the Fates, Fulfilled. I haven’t given up on In His Collar, though Nicholas is being very, very cagey about his life. There’s even another Heroes romance that’s so close to being done, I can taste it. I might even have come up with a title.

Plus, I’ve got this shiny, new, tempting idea for a darker romantic thriller.

I hope you can all be a little patient with me for the next couple of months. I’ll be working on my website, working on being a little more “me” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and getting back to a regular writing schedule. More soon!

In the meantime…I leave you with a cute photo of how Binky and I watched the last few minutes of the Super Bowl tonight.


Binky doesn’t care a lick about football. #catsofinstagram

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  • Gina Scott Roberts Posted February 5, 2017 9:16 pm

    LOL! I’m with Binky!

    Though I’m anxious for more books, happy to hear you’re putting you first!

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