Interview with Ealasaid and Raven

Ealasaid and Raven

Ealasaid Brùn is a hard woman to track down. Her mate, Raven, is incredibly protective of her. However, I was lucky to find them just before the events of By the Fates, Fought and ask them a few questions. I hope you enjoy their answers.

Patricia: “Ealasaid and Raven, thank you for joining us today.”

Ealasaid: “You’re quite welcome, Patricia. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Raven: “Aye. Eala and I were fortunate to have the afternoon to ourselves. My apprentice, Marcas, is handling the rest of my jobs for the day. He’s become quite a capable finder of late. Ealasaid and I will dine at the Copper Cock tonight.”

Patricia: “Raven, what does a finder do?”

Raven shrugs slightly. “To put it simply, we find. I scry for people or objects that are lost. Children that run away from home, men or women who break their handfasting vows, or misplaced and stolen heirlooms. Few finders can scry for people as well as objects. I can do both. This keeps me busy beyond measure.”

Patricia: “And Ealasaid’s work? You are one of Gralvein’s best healers, are you not?”

Ealasaid blushes. “I am learning. My magic is strong, but largely untrained. I study every day.”

Patricia: “Raven teaches you?”

Raven: “Not healing magic, no. I have none within me. I am a protector by birth, finder by trade. Ealasaid’s talents lie with healing. She has trunks full of books that contain healing spells. But I taught her the old language.” He tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. “The very first word she learned was allera.”

Patricia: “What does that mean?”

Ealasaid looks up at me through lowered lashes. Her voice is quiet: “Jewel. It was Raven’s name for me when I could not remember my own name.”

Patricia: “What was that like? Not knowing who you were?”

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Ealasaid reaches for Raven. He shifts closer to her and brushes a kiss to her cheek. She tries to smile, but fails. “It was terrifying. But Raven was so patient with me. It was only his care and the trust we had from the beginning that helped me feel safe enough for the memories to return. The day I remembered my name was the same day I realized I loved him. We mated that day. It was the happiest day of my life.”

Raven: “And mine as well.”

Patricia: “What is your life like now? The day to day?”

Ealasaid brightens. “It is wonderful. I see women and children several days a week in my apothecary and stock a variety of healing tinctures, tisanes, and teas. My protector, Seònaid, spends the mornings with me and then goes to the Copper Cock to watch over her mate, Ami. Raven works most days, but he has turned over more of his jobs to Marcas so that we have the late afternoons together at home.” She blushes. “We dance, I practice the old language, and now that it is warm, we sit out in the garden and watch the ships come into port.”

Raven: “My mate prefers to be outside whenever possible. I love seeing the sun on her lovely skin. She finally has a bit of color to her cheeks.”

Patricia: “And Ami? She is well? She had some trouble around Samhain, did she not?”

Ealasaid’s shoulders slump: “Aye. She was kidnapped and used as bait to get to me. It was only through the help of Marcas and the Council: Ian, Moire, and Faolan, that we rescued her. We feared she would not recover-emotionally, but then Seònaid came. They mated a few months ago.  The love of one’s mate is a powerful thing-more powerful than any magic I possess. Now Seònaid is a part of our family.

Patricia: “What about the rest of your frequent companions? You have formed a bit of a friendship with the Council, yes?”

Ealasaid: “Aye. Moire and Ian are friends, as are Marcas and Una. Faolan is still distant, but I am working on cracking his gruff exterior.” She chuckles. “One day I am convinced he will smile. And Ami and Seònaid of course are family. We see them often. Moire and Ian have a bit of a romance going. I hope they mate soon.”

Raven covers Ealasaid’s hand with his own. “Hush, Ealasaid. They are trying to keep their liaisons a secret. The king is not pleased with them.”

She nods and looks down at her knees before raising her eyes to me. “You will keep that secret?”

Patricia: “The king will never know. I swear it. He does not have Internet, does he?”

Raven shakes his head. “Internet? What is that? A spell?”

Patricia: “No. Nothing to be concerned with. Let’s move on. What are your plans for the future?”

Ealasaid and Raven exchange serious glances. Raven clears his throat. “There are forces at work-the clan of Kendrick-that want Ealasaid back in their control. Those who imprisoned her as a young woman and tortured her for ten years.”

Ealasaid shivers and Raven takes a moment to whisper in her ear before continuing. “We have been safe for months now. We hope that safety will continue. I am a protector and my spells are powerful, but we take nothing for granted. This is why Ealasaid has Seònaid with her whenever I cannot be at her side or she is not home. She does not travel through the inbetween on her own, nor is she ever left alone anywhere but our home, her shop, and Ami and Seònaid’s rooms. All are well warded against intrusion.”

Patricia: “That does not answer my question.”

Raven glares at me, but then thinks better of his ire and laughs. “No, I suppose it does not. We do not speak of the future often. Living under such a pall makes it difficult. Would you like to answer, allera?”

Ealasaid straightens: “I spent ten years fearing the future for it meant only pain and fear and icy darkness. Now that there is hope, even if it is tempered with caution, I want only more of what I have-we have-now. Days in the sun, the love of my mate, the companionship of family. Simple things. Kahve, Ami’s beer, bread with butter, chocolate. I do not take anything for granted. Every day that I have with Raven is a gift. One I treasure.”

Patricia: “It has been delightful to speak with you both today. Thank you for your time.”




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