Launch Team! Assemble!

Thank you for being part of my Super-Secret-And-Amazingly-Awesome launch team! A Shift in the Air released to amazing response, and I have you to thank for it.

But, we can still do more together! I’m offering In His Silks to launch team members now!

By downloading, you’re agreeing to the following:

1. You won’t share this page or the downloaded file with anyone.

2. You’ll post a review on Amazon WITHIN TWO WEEKS (By July 20th). If you don’t feel you can leave a positive review, or if life happens and you need a few more days, I’d love if it you’d simply email me to let me know. No book is for everyone and I certainly don’t blame you if you happen not to like it. And I’ve had those days…weeks even…where nothing seems to work out.

I’ll send you a reminder in two weeks with the Amazon link so you can leave your review. If you use another eBook platform (Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes) you can certainly leave a review there as well.

To download In His Silks for Kindle (NOT KINDLE FIRE), click below.


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To download In His Silks in PDF (USE THIS FOR KINDLE FIRE), click below.



If you’re using an Apple device, just click the download link above, then select “open in Kindle” or “open in iBooks.”

*** For iPad and iPhone, you might have to tap the download link twice. ***

If you’re using a different device, you may need to use a computer to download the file, then transfer to your reading app.

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