Love and Libations and Endless Thanks

Love and Libations and Endless Thanks

L&L Out Today GraphicIt’s late. Ten p.m. to be exact. I’m rewatching one of my go-to series when I want mindless television. I love Agents of Shield. Phil Coulson is my hero. And don’t even get me started on Melinda May. I saw Clark Gregg in person once. It’s a good thing it was a really large room. I might have fangirled. Seriously, that moment in the Avengers. “Welcome to Level 7.” <sigh>

Back to the point, though. I’m doing this because if I stop to think for very long, I’ll start crying. Love and Libations released today. I’ve talked about this book a lot over the past few months because quite honestly, writing it nearly broke me. The story is personal, the story of Lilah’s abusive relationship not wholly unlike my own. I came to realize, during the writing, that I’d never quite dealt with my own past in a way that allowed me to heal, so that’s what I’m doing now. Talking about it, learning how my history has affected every part of my life and my relationships…it’s important.

But that’s not why I’m fighting back tears. No, I’m trying very hard not to cry because of all of you. As I write this, Love and Libations is on three bestseller lists. It’s been out for less than 24 hours. Three bestseller lists.

That’s because of all of you. Because you bought the book, borrowed it, tweeted, or talked about it. So thank you. Thank you for making me cry.


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