New projects! Old projects! Obsessing over all the projects!

I sent the manuscript for By the Fates, Freed to the editor 10 days ago. The estimated time to completion was one month (give or take a week). So 20 days to go. 20 long, long, long days.

I’m trying not to obsess over those 20 days. I’ve actually started reading my own book (on the Kindle so I’m not tempted to make changes). I just don’t really want to leave these characters and I’m not having a great time starting to write book 2 in the series yet. I have some scenes sketched out and an overall outline, but it just hasn’t quite come together yet.

I have a bonus scene that I’m working on for the book (because I’m really hoping that my IndieGoGo campaign makes at least $1100 so I can release it). I also have started working on what I think will be a novella set in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas and eventually Seattle. It’s a romance novel, but so far I think it’s going to have a lot less sex than By the Fates, Freed. Of course, I’m only 5000 words into it right now. And regarding the length… well, we know how well a novella worked out for me last time, but that’s really what I’m hoping for.


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