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As you read this, I’m in Ireland. I’m here to write my next book, A Shift in the Air. It’s the second in the Elemental Shifter series and if you’ve found your way here because you read A Shift in the Water, you’re probably pretty happy that I’m writing Liam’s story.

I love writing on location and I need to thank my husband for staying home and manning the fort while I gallivant off to the Emerald Isle with S.K. Wills. We’re both hoping to write while we’re here, and in fact, I’m writing this blog post a week in advance because other than writing, we’re both refusing to work while on vacation, something that’s very hard for both of s. We’re a little crazy and with all of our work on PageCurl Publishing and Promotion, we don’t get a lot of downtime. We also don’t get a lot of time to spend together, since we live on opposite ends of the country, so I’m very much looking forward to quality friend time.

I’ll be posting pictures of our trip and the locations for A Shift in the Air on Pinterest, Instagram, and my Facebook author page. So follow along and let me know what you’re hoping to learn about Liam and the rest of the pack in A Shift in the Air.



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  • Janine Donoho Posted February 26, 2015 9:59 am

    Hey Patricia-
    Raise a glass for me, my friend. Donoho’s the bastardized Ellis Island version of my distant Irish fam and my mother’s maiden name was Donohoe from a San Francisco branch. No relationship to my husband–that we’ve been able to find :~>.

    On, on.


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