By the Fates, Freed

An ancient prophecy marks Ealasaid for death. When Raven discovers her, beaten, abused, and praying for death, he knows he must save her because she’s his mate.


After escaping the devils’ torture, Ami isn’t sure she’ll ever be the same. When she meets Seonaid, will she risk love? Or will her fears keep her alone and afraid?

By the Fates, Fought

Life in Gralvein used to be peaceful. Until the witch king replaces half the Guarda with devils—devils who follow Ealasaid everywhere. When Ian disappears, will Ealasaid be next?

By the Fates, Fulfilled

Glas has hidden for years. Patrolling Eideard’s castle with only a shell of a man for company, the devil king must decide who to trust. Now that Eideard is close to getting everything he wants, will Raven and Ealasaid survive?

Secrets in Blood 

The vampire is about to die. When his would-be-killer’s daughter discovers him chained and caged, will she overcome her fears to save him?

Revelations in Blood

Living in Italy should be a dream. For Evangeline and Nicola, it quickly turns into a nightmare.

A Shift in the Water

Mara Taylor is dying. Cade Bowman is trapped as his wolf. When the wolf escapes the fire elemental torturing him, can he convince Mara he’s really a man? And that she can save him?

A Shift in the Air 

Liam O’Sullivan lost his true love on the streets of Dublin many years ago. When he loses himself in a nameless woman at a local bar, he’s shocked to discover his mate, Caitlin, didn’t die after all.

A Shift in the Earth

Coming in 2018.

A Shift in Flames

Coming in 2018.