Podcasting Secrets in Blood

Podcasting Secrets in Blood

Secrets in Blood is the first in the In Blood series. Listen along every Wednesday, as you’ll be able to hear the book in podcast form. The sequel, Revelations in Blood, will be out in early fall of 2015.  Want to know what you’re getting?

On a trip to the United States, Italian vampire Nicola Angliatti discovers a lost little girl in the forests of Washington state. Before he can return Evangeline to her camp, a shot rings out. Silver burns through him and he learns that the girl was bait, used unknowingly by her father to trap a vampire.

An extremist religious group, the Hand of God, is developing a serum to stay the vampires’ quick healing, effectively turning them mortal. Believing all vampires to be soulless bloodsuckers, they’ve gone as far as they can without a live test subject and now that they’ve captured Nicola, they’re certain of their success.

Years later, near death, Nicola is discovered by that same little girl, now grown. The attraction between the two of them is instant and inexplicable. Can Evangeline free Nicola from his silver bonds? And if she does, what will happen between them?

Warning: The author cannot be held responsible for a sudden desire to learn Italian or fantasize about hot, sexy vampires while reading this book. Intended for readers over 18.

And now, here’s the prologue for Secrets in Blood…


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