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Wow. Well, Secrets in Blood is done. I sent it off this afternoon (ok, well, technically yesterday afternoon) around 3pm and my editor now has it and is busy (I hope) formatting it.

I learned a lot with this book. I learned that reading your book out loud is a fantastic editing tool but it leaves you physically spent. Seriously…I read 107,000 words out loud over the course of three days. I’m hoarse, tired, and I don’t want to speak a single word ever again.

I learned that reworking your world building one week before formatting isn’t the end of the world if it makes things a lot better.

And possibly most importantly, I learned that you should never EVER plan an epic night out the day you turn in a manuscript. Oh my holy hell did I ever learn that.

I’m writing this blog post (the first part of it anyway) sitting here in the middle of a concert bawling my eyes out. Why? The total and complete release of stress. I want to go home and curl up on the couch and cry. Not because I’m upset by any means. No. Because I’m just so happy to be done and I know that tomorrow, I don’t have anything that I have to do. Nothing at all. Oh I’m sure I’ll write something. I write every day. I’ll probably work on Ami’s story a little bit. Or maybe work on the outline of the shifter tale. Or maybe I’ll go back to the outline of By the Fates, Fought or start the outline of Revelations in Blood. But there’s nothing I NEED to do. If I change my mine and want to just read half the day or spend the day outside, there’s nothing wrong with that. I can do whatever I want.

But let’s go back to Secrets in Blood.  I think this book is good. At least it is as good as I am possibly capable of making it. When I re-read By the Fates, Freed in the middle of editing Secrets in Blood, I knew that Secrets in Blood was going to be better. My writing has improved. My pacing, character development, and my descriptions of the settings have improved. Not that By the Fates, Freed was bad. It wasn’t. It’s gotten good reviews from people I don’t know. But Secrets in Blood is better. The characters are fantastic. I love Evangeline. She’s a kick ass, strong female character. She has weaknesses. She’s grown from the very first page of the book to the last.

Nicola is one of the best male characters I’ve ever conceived of. He’s flawed and he knows it. He’s a killer, but he’s also good and kind and just. He’s strong, but where Evangeline is concerned, he shows weakness…a softer side.

Henry is the ultimate evil doer. He abuses his daughter. He has a singular focus and knows he’s right no matter what. You want to hate him. You should.

And then there’s the sex. Yes, this book has sex. It’s pretty hot, steamy sex. Steamy enough that I think I might need a disclaimer on this book. Also, mom…if you read the book, don’t tell me. 🙂

So I’m done. I don’t know how long the formatting will take, but I’m assuming 2-3 weeks. If so, Secrets in Blood will be released sometime around September 16th. I’ll let you know. But now…it’s 12:30am. I’ve bawled my eyes out for half an hour to release some stress. Now I’m going to bed.

Oh…one last thing. To celebrate the completion of Secrets in Blood, I’m lowering the price of By the Fates, Freed to $0.99 from now until August 30th. You can find it on Amazon.

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