Book Review – The Elphite

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard of it. In it, Bill Murray’s character has to live the same day over and over and over again until he gets it right. Every time he goes through the same events with the same people. And every time he ends up driving away Andie MacDowell’s character…until the last time…when he gets everything right.

The Elphite is reminiscent of Groundhog Day in that Ellie has lived her life over and over again. For twenty-two some odd years, she goes through the same experiences, the same heartache, and the same loss. In every life, she meets Luke, the man she’s supposed to be with. They’ve lived their relationship so many times in so many different ways, but every time, it ends the same way. With Ellie’s untimely and early death.

The book starts out with Ellie and Luke meeting in one of her lives. Ellie is desperate to change the outcome of her life. She wants to live past twenty-something. She doesn’t want to die so quickly after meeting Luke. Sometimes they have a year together, sometimes three or four, but she always leaves him too soon. This time, she tells him about her unique knowledge. He believes her. They’ve been together so many times in their many lives that the connection between them is instantaneous and strong. But too soon, Luke leaves after reading Ellie’s diary and learning that she was desperate not to meet him this time to see if that would change things. Once again, Ellie’s life ends abruptly.

And then we get into the meat of the book. Ellie’s new life. In this life, she meets a kindly neighbor who claims to be psychic. Mrs. M teaches her to stay in the present. Not focus on her past life or her future, but just the present. And from there, we explore Ellie. Who she is, who she wants to be.

The Elphite is a quick read. I loved the relationship between Ellie and Luke. I loved watching Ellie figure out how to live her current life and enjoy it. About 3/4 of the way through the book, there’s a major twist that I did not see coming. All along I knew there had to be something coming. Something that would change everything. And when it hit, it nearly took my breath away. From that point, the story really took a heart-wrenching turn.

I do feel like there could have been more. It felt like the author had more to say. I wanted a little more explanation, particularly at the very end with the last gut-wrenching scene. But the writing was very well done, the story grabbed me from the start, and I loved how it made me think.

Live each life, each day, to the fullest. Be present. Read and enjoy.

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The Elphite – 4 of 5 stars


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