Unwrapping Love – A Writing Wenches Anthology

Writing Wenches  Cover_SmDecember 1st. Also known as – for me – the unofficial start to the Christmas season. I love Christmas. Giving gifts, baking Christmas cookies, decorating…I love it all. But this year, I love it for another reason. I’d like to introduce you to Unwrapping Love.

Eight months or so ago, I joined a Facebook group called Writing Wenches. I’d joined a few different writing-related groups over the last two years and none of them had really “fit” me. But a good friend invited me to the Wenches and vouched for them, so I decided to give them a try.

I don’t know how long it took me to feel comfortable there, but it couldn’t have been more than a day or two. These people “got” me. From the photos of hot, alpha men to the talk of Doctor Who, to the comfort with discussing erotica, these were my people.

Over the past months, we’ve grown from the high twenties in number to the high sixties. We’ve had spirited discussions on just about every topic, and have become a safe space for everyone. Having a bad day? Come vent. Got some good news to share? Come and celebrate. Need some help figuring out a sticky plot point or need some beta readers? We’re there for one another.

So when one of our number posed the idea for an anthology, it was kind of a no-brainer.

Today is the release day for Unwrapping Love. Twenty-one stories, more than 750 printed pages of romances from sweet to steamy. Christmas, New Year’s, Boxing Day…we’ve got something for everyone.

To celebrate the release, we’ve got a huge gift card up for grabs. Check it out! And of course, we hope you’ll buy Unwrapping Love. It’s been a labor of love for all of us and reviews have been fantastic. Merry Christmas!

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