What type of writer am I?

I am attending a writing workshop this summer and it has a critique group component. I was asked tonight what type of group I wanted to join. When I registered for the workshop, I noted that I was a fantasy author, but in my introduction email to the group, I offered up that I had a paranormal romance novel that was going to be released soon.

So I was asked if I wanted to join the romance group instead. Now here is where I have a bit of an identity crisis. Let’s look at the various WIPs I have open right now.

  1. By the Fates, Fought – the sequel to By the Fates, Freed. A paranormal romance, borderline erotica (there’s a lot of sex in these books). 
  2. Vampire Untitled – This is theoretically a novella involving vampires and humans. There will be sex. Steamy vampire sex. But there will also be a decent amount of action.
  3. Empire of the Undead – Zombie steampunk. There’s romance, but there’s only one sex scene planned and it’s rather tame and I could easily remove it in editing.
  4. Post-apocalyptic Untitled – Another novella. Sex and danger and action.

So every single WIP involves sex. Sex sells. And I think I’m good at the sex scenes. So being in a critique group with other romance/erotica writers could be good. It would definitely be damn interesting. But since I think the sex scenes are one of my stronger points, I wonder if I shouldn’t chose a different critique group, say steampunk or straight fantasy. Perhaps one of those groups would be more helpful. I’m going to the workshop to become a better writer, so shouldn’t I challenge myself?

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