Where do you get your erotic ideas?

24534272_sI write erotica. I used to be a little embarrassed by this, but now I’m proud of it. Erotica is freeing. It’s a world where deep, dark fantasies can come alive. But not all of the fantasies are deep and dark. Some of them are light and fluffy.

I’m trying to go deeper with these blog posts-to share more of who I am and what makes me tick. When I tried to come up with today’s topic, I posed the question on Twitter. What do you want to ask an erotica author? The answer?

Where do you get your ideas?

Oh, how very delicious. That’ll be a nice deep post.

In my erotic suspense novel, In His Silks, Elizabeth Bennett is a sub while Alexander Fairhaven is a Dom. The things that Alexander does to Elizabeth…well…let’s say that I’ve had every one of those fantasies in my own life. Yes. I just admitted to the entire Internet that I fantasize about BDSM.

Have I done more than fantasize? Well, that’s a question I’m not going to answer. Sorry. Some things have to be private.

But wait, that’s a really short answer.

Okay. You’re right. It is. Let’s go deeper.

I read a lot. I’ve been known to plow through two or three books a week. When you consider how much I work, that’s pretty insane. But reading keeps me centered. It relaxes me and keeps my brain happy and stimulated. No. Not THAT way. Get your mind out of the gutter. While I’ll read just about anything (include non-fiction), I love to read erotic fiction. One of the first erotica books that I read was A Table for Three. This is the story of a sub (Riley) and her two Doms (Kincade and Trevor) who love her. I think I read this book in one very long night. I couldn’t put it down. While reading…well…let’s just say that there were feelings. Deep, wonderful feelings.

Next, I moved on to Elizabeth’s Bondage. Wow. This was…mindblowingly erotic. And those were my introductions to the world of erotica.

While I personally don’t care for Fifty Shades of Grey, I respect it for one reason. It brought erotica into the mainstream. Suddenly, it was okay to read erotica. It was okay to write erotica. Women everywhere could admit that they loved to read stories that made them wet. That turned them on. That drove them into their partner’s arms and let them ask for what they wanted.

Are you sure there isn’t more? I mean, you haven’t really answered the question.

Oh, fine. You’re probably right. While most of the ideas for In His Silks came from my own fantasies and a little bit of reading, now I have to work harder. So I seek out experts. I have a few Masters and slaves who follow me now and some of them are kind enough answer my questions. When I get fully into the writing of In His Collar, I plan on going down to one of the local clubs in my area and talking to a Master and a slave in much more detail. I love Wikipedia for research, and most of their information on BDSM is pretty spot on.

Of course, there’s every likelihood that anything I find out during that research will make it into my fantasies as well. I love my job.

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