Why magic?

A Shift in the WaterI’ve been asking myself a lot of why questions lately. Why do I write? Why do I love the paranormal? Why can’t I seem to get to bed before midnight? Why does my cat like French fries?

Okay. so that last one is pretty self-explanatory. French fries are awesome. But I spent the past week plotting out a new novel (and novella to go along with it) and it got me thinking. Why do I write paranormal? Why shifters? Why witches? Why vampires?

Oh if there was only one answer to that question. Unfortunately, there isn’t.

Finding one’s mate is sexy

The idea of meeting one’s mate and immediately knowing that they’re it for you is incredibly appealing. I love my husband dearly. He’s my other half. I think I knew he was the one for me long before I admitted it to him (or even to myself). But not everyone has that. Hell, I didn’t have that with my first relationship. Love is hard. It’s work. It’s doing the dishes and filling the gas tank and washing the clothes and remembering birthdays.

Before I met my husband, I longed for this magical love. I dreamed about it. I think a lot of people do. And with paranormal, you can have it vicariously through the characters in the book.

Explaining the inexplicable 

I don’t know if I really believe in ghosts or psychic abilities or magic. However, I don’t NOT believe in them. There are too many things that happen in this world that I can’t explain that I like the idea that magic is responsible for some of them. Wouldn’t you want to be able to fill your coffee cup without lifting the coffee pot? Or retrieve those lost keys with a simple charm or locator spell? I would. In my paranormal worlds, those things are possible-even if they never happen.

But there are rules

Even supernatural worlds have rules. The challenge is to define those rules and to stick to them. I love this. In By the Fates, Raven and Ealasaid can speak to each other through a form of telepathy. Nic and Evangeline in Secrets in Blood have the same ability. Cade and Mara in A Shift in the Water do not. Ealasaid can heal broken bones with a few words. When I decided that the magical world in By the Fates had healers, I had to also create injuries that couldn’t be healed. Otherwise, there was no risk. When I decided that vampires could walk in the sun and couldn’t be staked through the heart, I had to come up with other methods of injuring them. I love thinking about all of the possibilities. What can magic do? What can’t it do? What parts of these worlds are the same as our world? What parts are different?

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