Will I ever publish again?

Will I ever publish again?

It’s been a while. A long while. Both since I last published a book (Snowflakes and Steamy Nights) and since I last blogged. A lot has happened.

I’ve spoken about my health issues before, and unfortunately, they’ve continued to get worse. A little better, but then definitely worse again. I had a great December. But everything went to hell in January. Now, at the end of February, I have a few more answers.

I have ADHD.

Yes, adults can be diagnosed with ADHD, and the disorder can affect both physical and mental health. I received my diagnosis five days ago and I start treatment next week. For me, ADHD manifests in an inability to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. I’ve tabbed away from this blog post twice already and we’re only on the fourth paragraph.

If I can’t manage to write a blog post in a single go, you can imagine how hard it is to write a book.

I’m still writing. I have to. I’m rubbish when I’m not writing: cranky, sad, depressed… It’s been a bad year so far. But I’m a lot slower right now than I ever have been. I’m managing just over 4,000 words a week. A WEEK. I used to manage 2,000 words a day. And those 4,000 words are hard-fought.

I don’t know what the next few months will bring. I hope that treatment will bring a bit of focus back to my life. A little consistency. More words.

I’ve asked for your indulgence so many times. I know I owe you A Shift in the Earth, By the Fates, Fulfilled, Revelations in Blood, and In His Collar. Not to mention Macchiatos for Midnight and a whole new series idea I came up with recently. But right now, every word is a struggle. I’m fighting, and I’ll continue to fight, but please know I haven’t forgotten you. I’ll be back, stronger than ever.


  • Cathy Lane Posted February 27, 2016 4:10 pm

    Take sometimes for your self. Your loyal fans will always wait for you. Your health is big deal so please take care of your self. I can understand your frustration my son and grandson have add.

  • T.T. Thomas Posted March 6, 2016 5:43 pm

    I don’t have ADHD, but one time, a friend asked me: What do you want? I burst into tears, moved more by the notion that she cared to ask than the answer. I who is never at a loss for words was speechless. What do I want??? I get to want something? So, she re-worded it: What would make you happy? More tears. LOL. But I went home and thought about it for weeks. When I came up with the answer, I was stunned. It was so…seemingly nothing. So simple. So…reachable. I started writing again (that wasn’t the thing I came up with that would make me happy, btw–no, it was much simpler and plainer than that–not a goal, a feeling, a state of mind). Ya never know what will work. I like your website, btw–did you do it yourself? Very consumer friendly. I need to redo mine—it’s flat, but I have no skills that way. I don’t even understand the “Dummy” books. Very sad and tragic! I got here because you followed me on Twitter. I don’t read your kind of stuff and, worse, LOL, I write historical romance, with a twist–a big twist! But I sure do like how you write your blogs and what you say.

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